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Best Websites in India - is a superb podium to see some of the best, top and most liked sites by countless Indian's. The term 'Best-Top' is too broad, and the Sites we have categorised and shown on our web pages emphasize most suitable, likeable, voted, advantageous, and attractive features. From this decisive guide you will get access to best Indian websites at all levels and from all sectors. We have tried to manage contents in simple and in user friendly way by displaying it on two sidebar of the page. First sidebar show you the categories section which covers 10 top and best Indian Websites. And second sidebar illustrates the sites from different part of India. In chase for the best sites we are incessantly updating our contents and hope to keep all our user well acquainted with any upcoming preeminent Indian sites. Besides, we are passionate to show sites to our viewers in total fairness. And ofcourse, we welcome your involvement and also invite your comments and suggestions for improvement.

Affiliate Program in India

Many companies around the world adopt the affiliate procedure to market their products and services through the web. Affiliate marketing success depends more on effective products and reliable service rather than just focusing on promotion. In India too there are many affiliate programs to choose from to make online money. And in many Indian websites such affiliate programs are emerging as a good success. If you are also looking for Indian Affiliate Program, then this page is for you. The link above gives Indian webmasters a platform and other individuals to choose their favourite Indian affiliate program. You can also visit the same posts from the blog Archive at the sidebar.

Best Website Categories

Just see different site categories like jobs, matrimonial, dating, property, travel and lots more, with perfect Alexa ranking. This gives you an idea which site is ranking top and performing better in comparison to other sites. You will find Top 10 Indian Websites in each category. Click below to see your favorite site category in ranking order.

Statewise Top Websites

Best Sites From Your Own State!

We all are curious to see best of the things related to our native land, whether its our village, town or state. We are proud to see it growing with all over development. And with this motto we have introduced this segment to see all the best websites from your own area. This will also facilitate with up-to-date information pertaining to your place. For example, which site is offering best news broadcast from your vicinity or best property rates from neighbouring real estate broker. So what you are waiting, carry on and enjoy surfing our site. One more request, if you know or feel any website that should be included on this list based on popularity or traffic rankings then do let us Know. We will happy to include the those Websites in our state categories section. But please be sure that it should be of great help and benefit to all those who are searching for the best contents on the internet.

Top Websites In India!

In India, every single day thousands of searches are made to look for India's best websites. We have created a page where you can look all these finest websites in one place. We are sure that this will end your search anxiety and will help in saving your time more wisely. Click on the heading to see top 50 Indian websites. But who decides that which site is at top and popular among all websites? The answer is slightly complex. There are few web analytic companies who does all these evaluation with real time rate and precision amongst all renowned or start-up Sites. Alexa, for example, web analytic company, provides reliable global rank depending on particular website traffic or pageviews data from different part of the world. In our top 50 websites list too we are ranking top Indian websites according to Alexa.

Blog - Best of India

We have specifically dedicated our blog to show the best things about India that make us proud to be an Indian. Blog is all about best of our culture, places, festivals, people, food and lots more that you will come across. Nowhere on this planet does humankind present itself in such a dizzying, creative burst of cultures and religions, races and languages. In Short, It is impossible not to be astounded by India. If you are interested and have passion to enlighten amazing things in India, then do let us know. We will create your guest user name and password to write for our blog. Meanwhile, you can see best colleges, beaches, holiday destination and other such categories in our blog. So what you are waiting for, simply click on link above to surf our blog - Best of India.

30 Most Popular Web Categories

With millions of websites and hundreds of web categories in India, you could spend half of your day searching the Internet for unlimited information, following links from one page to another. So the question arises, from where do we start? Probing the web requires part skill, part luck and a little bit of knowledge. Luckily, a number of free online resources help user with this hunt and somehow helps to locate information with ease. And with this determination, to showcase the best of Indian Websites, we have selected the most liked web categories among Indian users (by conducting a small survey). These categories let you discover all top and best websites from all over India. The only thing you require is to wisely surf these categories and hopefully you may get your content. You can either see these categories at the very right side of the page or you may Click Here.

Best Websites from Indian state

About India

Historians and Archivist consider India's modern age to have begun sometime between 1848 and 1885. India is a beautiful land of diverse people, culture and religion. The Nation offers magnificent waterfalls, rivers, mountains and beaches. With a population of 1.3 Billion people, India embraces all major worldwide religions like, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, Sikhism and ofcouse Hinduisms. Making it a pluralistic, multilingual and multi-ethnic society.

Geographically, it is seventh largest country by area in the world and situated at South Asia in globe. It is world second most populated country (and therefore, world's largest democratic country). It is covered by the three major oceans. a.) Indian Ocean on the south, b.) Arabian Sea on the west, c.) Bay of Bengal on the east. Towards North, India, shares land borders (or LOC) with Pakistan, Nepal, China, and Bhutan. And Bangladesh and Myanmar to the south east.

India is a fastest growing economy in the world today (due to its major and good changes in economic sector). Right now (in Year 2019), it ranks sixth in the world. India is a major nuclear weapons state in the world as well. It has the second largest active military sector in the world and ranks high in military expenditure. India is a federal republic and secular state which is governed under democratic parliamentary system. It has 29 states and 7 union territories. It is also home to some of the high diversity wildlife in the world with a variety of protected habitats. But still, India faces many challenges to completely eradicate poverty, corruption, famine, and insufficient public healthcare divisions.

Politically India is a secular federal republic governed in a democratic parliamentary system. It is a multilingual, pluralistic, and multi-ethnic society. India's population grew from 362 million in 1951 to 1,210 million in 2011. Today, India has become a fast-growing major economy in the world. Its a hub for IT services and has a space programme which includes several planned or completed extraterrestrial missions. Indian bollyood music and movies play an increasing role in global culture.

Indian Websites - All Under One Roof!

Nowadays, internet is an integral part of our life. We play games online, we spend hours on social networking sites and other time searching new gadget, house, job, etc. However, we forget that World Wide Web is not made to provide this information merely. There is a whole new world of superb websites that you are going to witness here. We gives the user ultimate platform to see and enjoy the most awesome, famous and artistic websites from all around the globe. These websites have some of the extraordinary functions that are astonishing to see and have magical feeling. We have shown different categories of websites based on flash, html 5, Php, etc. But we are not showing or declaring any website in best or top ranking order. To identify the best websites is to witness the remarkable inbuilt features, just seeing it on our website will not appeal you. And everyone has their own taste, therefore we suggest you to visit each website and and explore all facets.

Everyday, thousands of online searches are made all across the globe to see some of the fabulous websites on the Internet. But, decade back, things were different. Few people recognized that websites are the most powerful medium to showcase any business or some stuff on the internet. And they achieved success! Do you know what was the reason for their site success? First their domain name, as they reserved some of the important keyword (domain) for their websites. Second, less competition and timely identifying the power of internet. With fewer competitors and right understanding, their business grew worldwide and within few months they were earning in millions.

Key question, how we have chosen the top Indian websites? To begin with we have selected three similar meaning keywords and then searched these keywords status on the famous Google/Bing search engines. The top outcome websites were then compared with Alexa Global Traffic Rank. Here is an example, let say we searched for "celebrity" on google. Now the similar search including this keyword can be famous celebrity, celebrity gossip or celebrity news. After that, the top websites were then seen on Alexa for their global rank. And this is how these best websites in each category came out. Why this was important? Because somewhere we have noticed it is not necessary that on all the search occasion the best ranked websites in Alexa will appear on top for their respective keywords while searching on Google search engine.

If you know or feel any website that should be included on this list based on popularity or traffic rankings then please do let us Know. We will happy to include the Best Websites in our below categories. And we are sure that it will be of great help and benefit to all those who are searching for the best contents available on the internet today. And this is not the end, we are working on expanding our Top Best Websites network to include new web categories with awesome features in this best websites compilation. We have shown eight websites on each category below which are not necessarily placed in ranking order. Just Enjoy!

Best Indian Websites

top 50 websites in india

When we talk about best Indian websites its very essential to understand that what are the factors which makes websites best and why audience love to visit these sites. Let us understand this with an example below:

1.) Which grocery shop we will visit? One that with limited stock or that has plenty of stuff to offer with large variety. Obviously second one. Same goes with the websites. One need to offer great amount of information to the visitor. Bounce rate (percentage of page views) of any site play an important role for the success of any site. Lower bounce rate means more pageviews, more pageviews means more impressions and consequently more money, cause many advertising agencies like Google adsense, pay’s you for the good impressions.

2.) Now let us take another example, we are constantly attracted to innovative movies, books, car, cuisine, abode, games and loads of other things. Why? Its simple, because we prefer to read, listen and see great things. Same goes with websites. One should provide useful content in a website. If you have nice content it will automatically be popular within no time via various social networking site, forums or blogs and will surely make your site best among others. But here is one thing that you shouldn't ignore. Your website design. Designing your website is very important. Proper navigation features, fonts used and ease to surf are main factors that should be friendly with your visitors to be a focus for.

Today, thousands of web designers and developers try to implement quality things but somehow feel vulnerable to create top Indian sites, in terms of making money and popularity. The main reason for this is tremendous competition and smart working of the search engines. Google or Bing search engines will not categorize the best website so easily. There are hundreds of reason that works to make your website at the top. Here, we will not go much into details. You will find some of the India’s most popular websites which we have categorized. These categories are also the most searched stream on the internet today. We are pleased to show our viewers with the largest collection of these categories.

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